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Enter the inky darkness of The Blackout, your last chance this year to get the daylights scared out of you! 


Cross the Threshold into Darkness where countless monsters, zombies and horribles freely roam, intent upon terrifying you and your friends.  The only light you will have is the single glowstick your group is given.  Guard it with your life, for there are crazed monsters throughout the Unknowable Corn Maze set on TAKING IT FROM YOU!   We’ve turned loose double the zombies, double the monsters, and double the mayhem on November 4th and 5th ONLY!


The Blackout.  So terrifying, you need to sign a waiver to get in!  Tickets are limited and include access to ONLY THE CORN MAZE, so sign your life away – and surrender to fear!

$20.00 Per Person 

Corn Maze 

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